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Version 6 Logan Planning Scheme 2015

May 27, 2019

Logan Planning Scheme Logan City Council PPLAN Town Planners

Version 6 of the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 commences today, Monday 27 May 2019.

Council’s Schedule of Changes highlights a list of all changes in Version 6.
Of note are the following amendments:

Auxiliary Units

  • Minimum lot size requirement located in administrative definition – 450m2
  • Minimum frontage requirement – 15m
  • Five on-site parking spaces required
  • 5.5m driveway and crossover required
  • Performance outcomes for siting strengthened to reduce ability for siting relaxations

Domestic Outbuildings

  • Size of domestic outbuildings no longer regulated in urban areas – QDC provisions for siting apply
  • Size limitation of 150m2 to all non-urban areas, may be increased to 300m2 where greater prescribed setbacks are achieved
  • Any domestic outbuilding larger than 300m2 are assessable

Dual Occupancy and Dwelling House Code

  • Introduction of additional provisions from the Flood Hazard Overlay Code
  • Allowed carports to be built within the front boundary setback where not exceeding 6m by 6m, a max height of 3.5m and entirely unenclosed


To see all amendments, click  Schedule of Changes highlighting all changes in Version 6 from Logan City Council.


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