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NSW Planning Policy Update To Increase Housing Capacity in R2 and R3 Zones
December 5, 2023

NSW Planning Policy Update To Increase Housing Capacity in R2 and R3 zones   NSW Government has announced changes to fast-track supply of residential homes and increase housing capacity in…

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fire ant alert for tweed shire council area by nsw dpi
Fire Ant Alert for Tweed Shire Council Area – NSW DPI
November 30, 2023

Fire Ant Alert – Tweed Shire Council Area NSW DPI has issued an alert due to the detection of the Red Fire Ant – click here for details. This is…

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bcc brisbane housing supply initiative policy
BCC – Brisbane Housing Supply Incentive Policy
October 30, 2023

Brisbane City Council has released the Brisbane Housing Supply Incentive Policy to help reduce infrastructure charges for certain needed housing types. The policy aims to reduce infrastructure charges and provide…

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pplan seeking town planner
PPLAN Seeking A Town Planner
October 17, 2023

PPLAN is seeking a Town Planner to join its team. We work with a broad range of clients providing town planning consultancy services on diverse town planning projects. The preferred…

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BCC New Housing Action Plan
September 25, 2023

BCC plans to assist in the fast-tracking of new homes and improve housing affordability.   Under the Plan, Council will waive 50% – 75% of infrastructure charges for certain sized…

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Amendment of Planning Regulation 2017
July 31, 2023

The Planning Regulation 2017 has been amended and is now in force (28 July 2023) via the Planning Amendment Regulation 2023. The Amendment Regulation amends the Planning Regulation to: Give…

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building a better brisbane pplan town planners
Building a Better Brisbane
June 26, 2023

Brisbane City Council has released two new policies to assist in “Building a better Brisbane”. The policies include: New built to rent incentives Indexation of Infrastructure Charges – New provisions…

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Gold Coast City Plan Heritage Overlay Amendments
December 19, 2022

Gold Coast City Council is amending the City Plan, to include amendments to provisions relating to Local Heritage. A full list of the amendments can be found here. Council is inviting…

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Logan Charges Resolution (No.11) 2023
December 19, 2022

Logan City Council has adopted the Logan Charges Resolution (No.11) 2023 This will introduce new charges for Secondary Dwelling at the full rate of a Dual Occupancy and ups the…

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