Queensland Development Application Types

Lodging a Development Application in Queensland

In Queensland, a development application may be required for domestic development by the local Council where an Overlay applies.

These include for example Overlays protecting the heritage or character of an area, biodiversity and scenic values, for example, traditional building character areas, small lots, removal of bushland or building too close to a waterway.

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Development Application Types

Generally, there are two types of development applications in Queensland:

Code Assessment

This involves assessing an application against prescribed standards, either in the Council Planning Scheme and/or State regulations.

Impact Assessment

This involves a broad assessment of the impacts under the Council Planning Scheme and/ State regulations and includes public notification and possible third party submissions and appeals.

The application may involve

  • a material change to the use of land
  • the erection of buildings
  • site works (operational work) and subdivision (reconfiguring a lot)

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