Town Planning Submissions Services

Town Planning Submissions
» Development Proposals
» Planning Permit Application
» Zoning Change/Planning Scheme Amendments

PPLAN can assist in preparing submissions in response to planning scheme amendments in order to protect your interests.

We can liaise with Council on your behalf regarding possible future zoning changes, and if feasible, prepare submissions in support of zoning changes.

VIC Planning Submssions

In Victoria, you are able to apply to your local Council to request authorisation to commence a
– Planning Scheme Amendment or
– Combined Planning Scheme Amendment and Planning Permit application.

PPLAN Town Planners have expertise to help you with these types of Planning Submissions.

PPLAN Town Planners for Town Planning Development Applications NSW VIC QLD

Planning laws and local Planning instruments are constantly being updated and reviewed.

Changes to zoning or zoning provisions can impact on the development potential of your site. Contact us for the best advice about your building project.

PPLAN can help protect your interest and look after your DA all the way.

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