Planning Permit Application Services | Victoria

Victoria Planning Permit Expertise

PPLAN Town Planners have extensive experience and knowledge assessing development proposals, including reviews of site planning and design, in compliance with Victoria’s State and Local planning requirements.

We provide Planning Permit Application services for Residential and Commercial developments, including VicSmart applications.

Residential Planning Permit Applications

PPLAN has extensive experience in submissions of Planning Permit Applications for Victorian residential developments:-

  • On a lot less than 300m2; or
  • Proposal of two or more dwellings; or
  • Where an Overlay applies

These include Overlays protecting the heritage character of an area, bushfire management, Special Building Overlay (overland flooding), or vegetation protection.

The planning permit application will be assessed against the relevant municipal planning scheme, including relevant policies and decision guidelines, such as Rescode.



VicSmart Planning Permit Applications

In Victoria, PPLAN has specialist expertise preparing VicSmart Planning Permit Applications:-

  • Construct a front fence in a residential zone
  • Construct a building or works in an Overlay (where applicable)
  • Extension to one dwelling on a lot in a residential zone
  • Construct a building or works in a rural zone.

PPLAN skilfully navigates through complex planning regulations to provide the best advice for the best outcome

Commercial and Industrial Planning Permit Applications

PPLAN is experienced in preparing and lodging Planning Permit Applications for commercial and industrial use and developments such as:-

  • Advertising signage
  • Waiver or reduction of car parking requirements
  • Change of Use where required under the zone
  • Additions and alterations to industrial and commercial developments

PPLAN has the expertise and knowledge to ensure your proposal stands the best chance of success

How PPLAN Manages your Planning Permit Application

Where a planning permit application is required in Victoria, PPLAN Town Planners will:

    1. Complete all necessary planning permit application forms
    2. Prepare a submission supporting the application, responding to the policies, and decision guidelines within the planning scheme
    3. Check compliance with any covenants, restrictions or section 173 agreements
    4. Lodge the planning permit application
    5. Liaise and negotiate outcomes with Council during the application assessment process

Depending on the nature of the application, it may require advice from government agencies and the preparation of specialist reports, for example, environmental sustainable design, urban design, waste management or traffic studies.

Once the application has been assessed and approved, we will review the conditions and advise whether any further representations need to be made to Council.

PPLAN Town Planners for Victorian Planning Permit Applications

It is important your application is complete with all relevant information included. 

A poorly made application may result in a request from Council for further information, delaying the assessment and causing loss of valuable time and money.

PPLAN will provide the best advice and ensure your application includes all relevant information, to stand the best chance of success.

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