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Building or Renovating in a Flood Area – Rebuilding For Improved Flood Resilience

May 25, 2022

Rebuilding in a Flood Area

flood resilient home rebuild renovate after flood brisbane town plannerFlooding is a natural event or common occurrence in Brisbane, especially in areas built on a floodplain.

Understanding the risks and types of flooding your property may be exposed to will help your home to be resilient with floods in Brisbane.

Though unable to eliminate the flood risks properties may face, we are able to put in place planning and flood mitigation measures to protect homes from floods.

  • Setting floor levels in buildings
  • Building houses in flood-prone areas higher (than standard buildings)
  • Building houses with more resilient materials


PPLAN Town Planners can provide advice to manage the flood risks your property may face.

We can provide support with

  • FloodWise Property Report
  • Overland Flow Report
  • Flood Awareness
  • Flood issues

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