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Brisbane’s future blueprint – Planning and Building

August 3, 2018

Brisbane’s Future Blueprint – Planning and Building

Brisbane's future blueprint | Brisbane City Council

Brisbane’s future blueprint was recently released and contains 8 principles to guide growth.

These will have major implications on the way in which Council will assess relaxation, small lot and traditional building character applications.

Please note that specific emphasis is now given to protect the amenity of residential areas and therefore Council will in particular:

• Preserve the space between homes by ensuring minimum setbacks on property boundaries;
• Ensure that suburban development fits in with its surroundings;
• Mandate best practice design that fits surroundings and meets community standards; and
• Preserve our city’s Queenslanders and other traditional designs.

Therefore any applications which depart from prescribed boundary setbacks and design standards will need to be well justified, with any impact on neighbouring properties minimised. This will mean that applications that were previously acceptable will now be subject to information requests where not clearly justified and a higher likelihood of refusal.

For further information, please contact PPLAN on 1300 185 347

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